Rental Policies

Room Capacity
The main banquet room, bar and adjacent front room area is available as a private setting, with a comfortable accommodation for up to 70 guests indoors..

The outside deck area may be utilized to accommodate additional guests, weather permitting.  For daytime events during the golf season, the outside deck area is a shared common area where golfers are welcome as well.

Reservation and Deposit Policies
To reserve a date, an initial deposit of $200 on a credit card is required.  The remaining balance of room rental is due no later than 7 days prior to your event.  All Saturday evening events require a $300 guarantee minimum for alcohol sales (see alcohol sales minimum below) separate from room rental and linen fees.  Any beverage tabs accrued during your event are due at the end of your event.  Sugar Creek will add a standard 20% gratuity for all group beverage tabs, which is for service provided by bartenders.

In the unlikely event of cancellation prior to your contracted date, a full refund of your deposit is available outside of 30 days prior. If your cancellation occurs within 30 days prior to your event, the full deposit amount shall be forfeited.

Banquet Space
Your event will be a private space and will include the main banquet room along with the front hard floor area adjacent to the banquet room glass doors.  As such, your set up will not include any area beyond the hard floors.  The carpet area in front of the front counter is not included in the rental space for your event.  The outside deck area is also available weather permitting, but for daytime events may be a shared space with golfers.

Banquet Room Set Up
Sugar Creek provides tables and chairs arranged based on our standard ideal set up for the number of guests in your party.   Our standard room set up consists of (8) 30" x 72" rectangle tables with either 6 or 8 chairs - seating for 48 - 64 guests. We will also provide and set up folding tables for the food buffet and dessert if needed.  Typically the buffet and dessert tables will be set up in the front room adjacent to the main banquet room.  For smaller parties, chairs can be removed from the room but this must be pre-arranged with the banquet manager.  No tables should be removed from either the banquet room or the front room.  The banquet room tables and chairs should not be rearranged on the day of your event!  Requests for custom room arrangements must be made in advance with the banquet manager.  Sugar Creek does not supply staff on the day of your event for purposes of rearranging tables.

Any custom table arrangements aside from our standard set up will incur a $100 fee.  This includes set ups for dance floor space, "U" shaped seating and any other rearranging of tables and chairs as deemed by the banquet manager.

The banquet room is available for decorating 1 hour prior to the start of your event, at no charge.  Please coordinate with management at least 48 hours prior to your event any decorations that you plan to utilize. Most streamers, balloons and table centerpieces are acceptable but must be cleaned up. Absolutely no confetti, glitter or smaller type of party decorations are allowed.  Additional clean up fees may be charged at the discretion of the banquet manager

Kids Play Zones
The clubhouse and banquet room cannot be transformed into kids play zones by bringing in plastic slides, ball pits or any inflatables for purposes of designating a play area for children.  Any vendors arriving with these types of set ups that have been prearranged for delivery at Sugar Creek will be turned away upon arrival.

Bar Service
No outside beverages of any kind are allowed – including soda, coffee, beer, wine and spirits. A bartender will be included with your event (gratuities extra).  No one under the age of 21 will be served alcohol under the accordance of state law. Management reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to any guest. Maximum Open Bar service is four hours and will conclude ½ hour prior to the end of party. All beverage sales are required to be paid on a single tab at the end of the event with a single payment, either credit card or cash, checks are not acceptable.  Individual payments for beverage orders are not allowed. Your final tab will include a standard 20% service charge as well as applicable sales tax in addition to pricing.

Saturday Evening Alcohol Sales Minimum
The total combined purchase of alcohol on the bar tab must reach a minimum of at least $300 for all Saturday evening events.  Any total amount of alcohol sales less than $300 will be added to the invoice.

Your event will require outside catering as Sugar Creek does not offer food service. You are also required to supply all necessary serving and eating utensils such as spoons, knives, forks, napkins, plates etc… Sugar Creek will supply cups/glasses for all beverages. All food must be prepared prior to delivery and should be served utilizing chafing dishes with warmers/Sternos. Any hot plates or other electrical plug-in warmers are not allowed.

Linen Service
Linen service, including white banquet and dining table clothes and table skirts, is available for an additional fee but not required. Outside linens or any other table coverings are not allowed.

Personal Property and Clean Up - Additional Charges
Sugar Creek is not responsible for any lost property or personal belongings left on the premises.  Sugar Creek asks our guests to clear all disposables from tables prior to and upon completion of your event!  Your clean-up time should begin 1/2 hr. prior to the end of your scheduled event.  We will provide trash bags and recepticles in order to accommodate the clean up process.  For any excessive clean up requirements that management deems above and beyond normal, a $100 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.